Class Vector2DInt

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.datatransfer.Transferable, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Comparable<InterfaceShape>, AttributeListener, AttributeObject, InterfaceObject, PersistentObject, VariableObject, PopupMenuObject, NamedObject, InterfaceQueryObject, InterfaceShapeQueryObject, ShapeListener, VertexDataColumnListener, InterfaceTransferable, TreeObject, CleanableObject, XMLObject, IconObject

public class Vector2DInt
extends Shape2DInt
  • Constructor Details

    • Vector2DInt

      public Vector2DInt()
    • Vector2DInt

      public Vector2DInt​(Vector2D vector)
  • Method Details

    • getVector

      public Vector2D getVector()
    • setStartRatio

      public void setStartRatio​(float ratio)
    • setEndRatio

      public void setEndRatio​(float ratio)
    • getStartRatio

      public float getStartRatio()
    • getEndRatio

      public float getEndRatio()
    • getDataLineColour

      public java.awt.Color getDataLineColour()
    • setDataLineColour

      public void setDataLineColour​(java.awt.Color c)
    • getDataLineOffset

      public float getDataLineOffset()
    • setDataLineOffset

      public void setDataLineOffset​(float offset)
    • getDataLineHeight

      public float getDataLineHeight()
    • setDataLineHeight

      public void setDataLineHeight​(float height)
    • attributeUpdated

      public void attributeUpdated​(AttributeEvent e)
      Description copied from class: Shape2DInt
      Responds to a change in a specific attribute by notifying this ShapeInt's shape listeners with an AttributeModified shape event. If overriding, this super method should be called AFTER the special handling has been performed.
      Specified by:
      attributeUpdated in interface AttributeListener
      attributeUpdated in class Shape2DInt
    • setArrowScale

      public void setArrowScale​(float scale)
    • setStartPtScale

      public void setStartPtScale​(float scale)
    • draw

      public void draw​(java.awt.Graphics2D g, DrawingEngine d)
      draw in class Shape2DInt
    • getCurrentVertexData

      public java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber> getCurrentVertexData()
      Description copied from class: InterfaceShape
      Retrieves the currently selected vertex-wise data column.
      getCurrentVertexData in class Shape2DInt
    • getDataMin

      public double getDataMin()
      getDataMin in class InterfaceShape
    • getDataMax

      public double getDataMax()
      getDataMax in class InterfaceShape