Class Vector3DInt

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.datatransfer.Transferable, java.lang.Comparable<InterfaceShape>, AttributeListener, AttributeObject, InterfaceObject, PersistentObject, VariableObject, PopupMenuObject, NamedObject, InterfaceQueryObject, InterfaceShapeQueryObject, VertexDataColumnListener, InterfaceTransferable, TreeObject, CleanableObject, XMLObject, IconObject, org.jogamp.java3d.GeometryUpdater

public class Vector3DInt
extends Shape3DInt
  • Field Details

    • fill_appearance

      protected org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance fill_appearance
    • edge_appearance

      protected org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance edge_appearance
    • scene_node

      protected org.jogamp.java3d.BranchGroup scene_node
    • vector_set

      protected VectorSet3DInt vector_set
    • vector_set_index

      protected int vector_set_index
  • Constructor Details

    • Vector3DInt

      public Vector3DInt()
    • Vector3DInt

      public Vector3DInt​(Vector3D vector)
  • Method Details

    • init

      protected void init()
      init in class Shape3DInt
    • setIcon

      protected void setIcon()
      setIcon in class Shape3DInt
    • getVector

      public Vector3D getVector()
    • setVectorSet

      public void setVectorSet​(VectorSet3DInt set, int index)
    • getVectorSet

      public VectorSet3DInt getVectorSet()
    • getVertexData

      public java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber> getVertexData​(java.lang.String key)
      Description copied from class: InterfaceShape
      Returns a live version of the data in column.
      getVertexData in class InterfaceShape
    • getDataFromSet

      protected java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber> getDataFromSet​(java.lang.String key)
    • getAllVertexData

      public java.util.ArrayList<java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber>> getAllVertexData()
      Description copied from class: InterfaceShape
      Returns all vertex-wide data associated with this shape.
      getAllVertexData in class InterfaceShape
    • getDataFromSet

      protected java.util.ArrayList<java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber>> getDataFromSet()
    • getCurrentVertexData

      public java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber> getCurrentVertexData()
      Description copied from class: InterfaceShape
      Retrieves the currently selected vertex-wise data column.
      getCurrentVertexData in class InterfaceShape
    • getCurrentDataFromSet

      protected java.util.ArrayList<MguiNumber> getCurrentDataFromSet()
    • getDataMin

      public double getDataMin()
      getDataMin in class InterfaceShape
    • getDataMax

      public double getDataMax()
      getDataMax in class InterfaceShape
    • getDataMinFromSet

      protected double getDataMinFromSet()
    • getDataMaxFromSet

      protected double getDataMaxFromSet()
    • attributeUpdated

      public void attributeUpdated​(AttributeEvent e)
      Description copied from class: Shape3DInt
      Responds to an update in one of this shape's attributes.

      Subclasses should override and call this super method AFTER handling the attribute change appropriately. Subclasses should also override needsRedraw() to indicate whether the scene node should be regenerated.

      Specified by:
      attributeUpdated in interface AttributeListener
      attributeUpdated in class Shape3DInt
      e - an AttributeEvent specifying which attribute has been changed
    • updateChildren2D

      protected void updateChildren2D​(Attribute a, boolean update)
    • setArrowScale

      public void setArrowScale​(float scale)
    • setStartPtScale

      public void setStartPtScale​(float scale)
    • setScene3DObject

      public void setScene3DObject​(boolean make_live)
      Description copied from class: Shape3DInt
      Sets this ShapeInt's Java3D scene node from its current geometry and rendering attributes. This node should be retrieved using the Shape3DInt.getShapeSceneNode() method. A scene node will only created if one of these conditions is met:
      • The shape is auxiliary (i.e., not a model shape, but a helper shape such as a section polygon)
      • The shape is associated with a ShapeModel3D, and this model is live (is associated with at least one Java3D scene graph).
      Subclasses which call this super method should always check that a scene node has indeed been created.
      setScene3DObject in class Shape3DInt
    • getShape2D

      protected Shape2DInt getShape2D​(Plane3D plane, float above_dist, float below_dist, org.jogamp.vecmath.Matrix4d transform)
      Description copied from class: Shape3DInt
      To be overridden by subclasses implementing a 2D representation
      getShape2D in class Shape3DInt
      plane - Plane on which to render
      above_dist - Distance above plane within which to project a shape
      below_dist - Distance below plane within which to project a shape
    • setEdgeAppearance

      protected void setEdgeAppearance()
    • setFillAppearance

      protected void setFillAppearance()